RFID solutions for efficient supply chains

RFID turns traditional warehousing into an intelligent logistics system

Goods and complex logistics chains are constantly on the move. In order to be able to optimize warehousing, incoming goods, production, and delivery, it is essential to be able to determine the location of these objects in the supply chain at all times. RFID makes it possible to automatically identify goods and track their location in real-time. This makes it possible to manage inventory better and plan deliveries more efficiently. The entire logistics chain thus becomes transparent. Based on this data, customized systems can be developed to simplify every step of processing, picking, and delivery, thus reducing costs.

RFID technologies from Metratec can be integrated into existing goods logistics systems, machines, containers, shelves, bins, or transport systems such as forklifts or conveyor belts. When individual products are tagged with an RFID chip, traditional warehousing becomes an intelligent and future-proof logistics systems

Benefits of RFID technology from Metratec for supply chains

Automation and reduction of manual tasks

More efficient, faster and error-free recording of goods without cost-intensive manual work

Improved warehouse management

Simplify the processes of keeping goods in stock and fulfilling orders.

Traceability and identification of errors

Defective products can be quickly detected even after delivery.

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Short to medium ranges in industrial applications and more


Long range and inexpensive transponders for applications in logistics and more