Verification of Spare Parts with RFID

Using certified spare parts prevents damage to machines and increases product safety

From using the correct printer cartridge to determining wear by measuring the intensity of use, spare parts and consumables have a major impact on the longevity of production machinery and other critical equipment. Only when spare parts are replaced with genuine components can the quality of the machine be assured. In the case of medical products, this can even be life-critical in the end.

With RFID technology, spare parts, and components can be identified. This makes it possible to monitor the manufacturer, serial number, or usage pages of a spare part. This can help optimize maintenance planning, increase machine availability, and minimize errors when replacing spare parts.

Advantages of RFID technologies from Metratec for the verification of spare parts

Increase Effiency

Faster and automated identification of components in order to be able to procure spare parts more quickly and in good time.

Avoid Mistakes

Detect the use of fake parts that can lead to faulty production or damage to the machine.

Improve Maintenance

Automatic provision of information for the status and replacement of components.

Identify / RFID


Short to medium ranges in industrial applications and more


Long range and inexpensive transponders for applications in logistics and more