Applications for RFID

More efficiency for industry, logistics, trade and production

Almost unlimited possibilities for more security, economy and optimization of processes with RFID

With RFID technologies, people or objects can be easily identified. The comparatively inexpensive hardware and widespread use mean that RFID is used in almost all areas of industry, logistics, trade and production to make systems more secure, efficient and economical.

RFID is used in warehousing and logistics to track and manage the flow of inventory. In retail, inventory can be simplified, theft prevented and the shopping experience improved. Access can be controlled in buildings and industrial plants and security can be increased by tracking access and activities. RFID is also used for animal identification and tracking in livestock farming to collect animal movement, health data and breeding information. For lending systems, RFID offers the possibility of automating lending and managing inventories more efficiently. In industrial applications, wireless technologies can be used to track assets, equipment and other assets.

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