Lending systems with RFID for libraries and other lending services

RFID technology for the modern knowledge society

The number of media in libraries, museums, and research institutions continues to grow. Thousands of books and digital data carriers are collected, archived, indexed, and prepared for lending. However, the days when librarians worked with index cards are long gone.

RFID technologies can simplify and automate circulation processes in libraries, schools, and other institutions. Libraries can equip media with an RFID tag that contains a unique identification number. This allows users to check out or borrow items themselves. The system identifies the user as well as the item and automatically books the borrowing process. Returning items and performing financial transactions can also be digitized. Library users are reminded of the return date by the system, which increases customer satisfaction. Metratec’s RFID modules and components can be easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure of libraries and other institutions.

Benefits of RFID technologies from Metratec for lending systems

Fast and efficient lending process

Cost reduction through simultaneous loan of several materials and automated returns.

Reduce error rates and inventory losses

Digitization of circulation prevents materials from being lost or not returned.

Better data collection

Evaluation of lending transactions, user behavior and stock movements

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