Article No.

The Metratec UHF Gate consists of a mechanical gate made from aluminum into which all necessary RFID hardware has been integrated. One special feature of our gate is the use of metal side panels which limit the RF field and reflects the power to the inside of the gate. This ensures optimal field distribution and as a consequence optimal reading results even in “difficult” applications that include metal or liquids. To prevent leakage of the field (and consequent “false reads”) there is an option to even include absorber zones at the side of the gate.

The product is made to your specifications and can take the form of a people gate on the one side, where potential applications are event monitoring and ticket control (using cheap UHF tickets) and even applications in logistics where goods are transported manually.

Besides a human-sized gate, we also offer individually designed UHF gates in other dimensions. We have realized projects to read out pallet trucks, forklifts, or even entire trucks. Usually, we try to keep the gate as small as possible for the application to get the highest transponder read rates.