3D Tracking Example

RFID-based Container Management

Potential savings and improved control through automation with RFID

RFID technology turns simple containers into smart building blocks in supply chains and production processes. Combining containers and RFID can be used to speed up picking orders, protect employees handling hazardous materials, improve the shelf life of sensitive materials, or simply for more transparent supply chains.

RFID chips on the containers transmit data about the nature of the contents or information about the condition or location of the container. In addition, the shelf life of the contents can be determined and utilization can be improved. Data exchange at key process points in a production chain, such as filling, cleaning, or return stations, not only simplifies administration. Added value can be generated from the data obtained, such as the number of containers in use by each customer.

Benefits of RFID for container management

Automatic Logging of Movements

Verification of deliveries and schedule control; digitized forwarding of information to customers

Inventory and Maintenance Savings

Utilization and degree of utilization of the containers in the become transparent and maintenance intervals can be better planned

Simplified Tracking in Reusable Containers

Shortening retention times with customers and building additional business models such as rental systems

Identify / RFID


Short to medium ranges in industrial applications and more


Long range and inexpensive transponders for applications in logistics and more