Employee scanning RFID tags

UHF RFID Technology

Long range
Simultaneous reading of several tags

High frequency RFID technology for in-store, logistics and process optimization applications

Ultra High Frequency RFID (UHF RFID) operates in the 860 to 960 MHz frequency range and is used for a variety of applications including warehouse management, supply chain management, asset tracking, access control and more.

UHF RFID offers several advantages over other RFID technologies. It allows for a longer read range, allowing tags to be identified from several meters away. It also supports reading multiple tags simultaneously, allowing for fast and efficient inventory management. In addition, UHF RFID is inexpensive, which makes it suitable for large-scale deployment.

The technology has numerous practical applications. For example, in retail, UHF RFID can be used for inventory management to allow retailers to accurately track and monitor their inventory levels. In logistics and supply chain management, UHF RFID can be used for tracking goods and optimizing the supply chain.

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Short to medium ranges in industrial applications and more


Long range and inexpensive transponders for applications in logistics and more