RFID Solutions for Retail

Tracking von Produkten im Einzelhandel mit RFID

Improved planning, increased sales, and security for stores

Which products are currently available? What needs to be reordered? Is a product still available in another store or is it available online? How valuable is the location inventory? Which products should be promoted or discounted and when? A growing number of items and variants makes it increasingly difficult to keep track of ongoing business and offer customers the product they want at any time.

With RFID technology, every product can be identified at goods receipt and then tracked: from the warehouse to the shelf to the checkout – and beyond. Each individual item is tagged with an RFID tag and linked to an item number in the merchandise management system. By assigning them to customer profiles in a loyalty and discount program or online checkout, useful insights into customers’ preferences and habits can be gained and further sales generated.

Benefits of RFID technologies from Metratec for the retail industry

Manage Inventory

Real-time monitoring of inventory in warehouse or stores leads to greater accuracy and efficiency as well as time savings

Theft Prevention

Automatic triggering of an alarm by the detection of unpaid goods in the exit area

Improve Shopping Experience

Automatic identification of products allows information such as shapes, colors or availability to be passed on to customers

Identify / RFID


Short to medium ranges in industrial applications and more


Long range and inexpensive transponders for applications in logistics and more