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One of the most promising applications of RFID technology is the optimization of supply chains in logistics. Goods equipped with UHF transponders can be recorded automatically so that the correct stock is always stored in the company database. To use this potential, secure and complete registration of all transponders is necessary. For this purpose, metraTec offers the UHF RFID tunnel in two versions. The smaller version has an inner dimension of 55 x 55 cm, for the detection of parcels in the standard 60 x 40 x 40 cm size. The bigger has 75 x 75 cm inner dimensions, which also allows scanning half Euro pallets with 80 x 60 x 60 cm. In addition to the complete RFID technology, the products are also equipped with two light barriers as standard and have an integrated manual roller conveyor. A motor-driven conveyor belt can also be integrated as an option.

The special construction method, which was developed and patented in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IFF, achieves an optimal distribution of the reading field inside. This enables extremely high reading rates of UHF transponders even in RFID applications with “difficult” environmental conditions (metal in the field, transponders very close together, etc.).

Even large numbers of transponders (400 and more) can be read in parallel in a few seconds in the tunnel. The reading field is strongly concentrated inside the tunnel. This leads to very high detection reliability in the tunnel, but at the same time prevents unwanted detection of transponders in adjacent installations. Optionally, the UHF tunnel can be equipped with RF absorber sections at input and/or output. These completely prevent the reading of transponders outside the tunnel and, in conjunction with the photoelectric switches, enable the precise allocation of UHF transponders.