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Access Control

for buildings, sports facilities or industrial sites with RFID

Increased security and secure access to buildings with RFID

A constantly growing number of employees, individual access authorizations to different areas, high staff turnover, identification of visitors or suppliers – security management for one or more buildings is becoming a major challenge for many companies.

Wireless identification technology can be used to effectively control and monitor access to a building. RFID tags in the form of cards or key fobs can be easily programmed and assigned different authorizations. Each access can thus be logged so that movements can be traced at a later date. This not only increases security for employees but also automates and simplifies time recording.

RFID access systems are also suitable for leisure facilities such as ski lifts or fitness centers, parking lots, or improving security for industrial and production facilities.

Benefits of RFID technology from Metratec for access control

Increase Security

RFID systems are difficult to copy and counterfeit. If access authorization is lost or expires, RFID chips can be easily replaced or reprogrammed

Increase Usability

RFID systems – such as access cards – are easier to use than conventional keys or entering access codes

Logging and Tracking

Security problems can be more easily identified and remedied by logging all access operations.

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