Industry 4.0 and automation with RFID

More efficiency and productivity in production

RFID technologies are the foundation for automation in production. How can the flow of goods be better controlled, where are preliminary products or raw materials located, what qualities do certain components and parts have, are there sufficient supplies, when do orders have to be triggered and when can a customer expect delivery? In production, RFID can be used to enable tracking and tracing of goods and materials.

To do this, RFID tags are attached to products, which can then be captured using RFID scanners. Through this capture, production processes can be automated. The data generated in this way can be used to continuously improve quality.

Benefits of RFID technologies from Metratec for production

Higher data quality in the production chain

Faster and more precise acquisition of production data increases process quality

Faster integration of new employees

Standardization of production processes, automation of training processes and feedback on the qualitative implementation of work steps

Reduce process costs, risks and error rates

Continuous evaluations help improve product flows and reduce scrap rates.

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Short to medium ranges in industrial applications and more


Long range and inexpensive transponders for applications in logistics and more