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Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Locating and tracking people and objects for more efficient and secure business processes

The “Indoor GPS”

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) are based on technologies that allow the position of objects or people to be tracked in real-time. The functionality is similar to that of the well-known Global Positioning System (GPS), with the difference that GPS can only be used if there is an undisturbed connection to a satellite. RTLS, on the other hand, can also be used in closed rooms such as an industrial hall or warehouse and offers further advantages in terms of costs, accuracy, and flexibility.

Metratec offers three different types of real-time tracking systems – each with its advantages and disadvantages. Click on the technology logos below to learn more about each one.

Localize / RTLS

Presence Detection (IPS)

Detection of objects and people in zones for cost-optimized localization

Ultrawideband (UWB)

Very accurate positioning to +-20cm for the highest demands

Angle of Arrival (AoA)

Combination of location accuracy and system costs with angle measurement

Safety and process optimization with RTLS

If tracking people brings “surveillance” to many people’s minds, there are nevertheless several application scenarios in which real-time tracking of people can be very useful. For example, RTLS can help save lives when evacuating buildings. RTLS can also contribute to occupational safety in high-security areas such as laboratories or an airport, detecting emergencies in good time and providing rapid assistance. In the field of logistics, RTLS serves to optimize and automate production or warehousing.

Interoperability and scalability

Metratec offers proprietary systems that work with open standards as far as possible to ensure interoperability. The communication between beacons and receivers works according to the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, which also allows coexistence with WLAN and Bluetooth.

RTLS solutions from Metratec are easy to scale, as all components can be combined for different ranges and location accuracies. This allows for the development of custom-fit installations that can be extended into outdoor environments where pure ultrawideband (UWB) solutions are not legally permitted. Our systems are designed so that only parts of a building or hall need to be equipped with receivers, without having to compromise on coverage or the desired usage scenario. This can reduce infrastructure costs and minimize problems in protecting employees’ data.

Industry solutions with Metratec partners

Metratec works with system houses and consulting companies that develop integrated and complete solutions in the field of automation, IIoT, and Industry 4.0. Contact us if you, as a user, want to benefit from the advantages of wireless technologies for your company. We will help you find the right partner for you and are available for an initial consultation about your goals and the appropriate technologies.