HF RFID Tunnel

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HF RFID readers in the form of an RFID tunnel are a well-known design that has existed for a long time. In some scenarios, this design offers great advantages over a “normal” HF reader: Tags in any orientation are read reliably when passing through the tunnel and even larger quantities of tags can be scanned in one pass.

This is especially interesting if many objects with RFID transponders are to be read at once, but they are not arranged exactly. Typical examples are consignments of goods in shipping boxes (incoming inspection), control of picking processes (outgoing goods inspection) as well as the monitoring of products or materials within production (in-house logistics).

Reading technology (metraTec QuasarLR) with very high detection speeds and excellent reception sensitivity is used in tunnels. This allows the detection of a large number of transponders even at comparatively high belt speeds. The Metratec HF Tunnel has a standard internal width and height of 500 mm and is equipped with a standard plastic roller conveyor. Other dimensions up to complete installations for production belts including substructure in profile construction can be realized on request.