QuasarLR Long-Range HF RFID Reader

  • Up to 60cm read range
  • Ethernet Interface
  • 24V IOs

Article No.

The QuasarLR is an HF long-range RFID reader/writer for demanding industrial applications, where high reading reliability, high read ranges, and extensive special tag features are needed.

Highlights include an RF power of up to 4 W which allows a read range of up to 600 mm with the right antenna (e.g. our Lambda40 Loop Antenna). This allows even difficult applications directly at conveyor belts, in production machinery, and in laundry applications.

The communication to the host system is done via USB or an optional Ethernet port. To facilitate its integration into machines and to allow ease of control via PLCs the device offers optically isolated 24 V DC Inputs and Outputs.

For easy and fast testing of the product, there is a free Windows Demo Software to test all features of the device. If you need to integrate the reader into your own software, there is also a Java SDK, a .NET Library, and a Python lib for accessing the device on all operating systems.


Operating PrincipleIndustrial Long-Range HF RFID Reader/Writer
Operating Frequency13.56 MHz (worldwide)
Supported ProtocolsISO15693
Output Powermax. 4 W (36 dBm)
Read Rangeup to 60 cm
Antenna ConnectorBNC, 50 Ohm
Operating Voltage24V DC (± 10%)
Power Consumptionup to 400 mA
ConnectivityEthernet, USB (Type B)
Inputs/Outputs4 24V outputs, 2 optically isolated inputs
Temperature Range-20 °C to +70 °C
Dimensions190 x 205 x 65 mm
CertificationsCE, e.g. ETSI 300 330, FCC (USA) and ISED (Canada)