QR15 Embedded RFID Module

QR15 HF RFID Plugin Module

  • Integrated Antenna
  • Easy Integration
  • 70 mm Read Range

Article No.

The QR15 is an RFID reader module for all applications where RFID tags that work according to ISO15693 (like ICode, Tag-It, and many more) have to be scanned with a small and cost-effective module. With the integrated antenna, a read range of up to 70 mm is possible.

The small module can be easily integrated into your own board and gives you exceptional performance (up to 100 tag reads/sec) without the need to develop your own firmware and RF electronics. The module communicates via a UART connection with almost any microcontroller as well as various converter chips.

Using this plugin module gives you proven hard- and firmware with an unbeatable time to market. The module has a modular approval for FCC/IC certification and ETSI measurements are also available on request. For the quickest start to a new project, we suggest our QR15 Embedded RFID Starter Kit.


Operating PrincipleISO15693 RFID Embedded Module
Operating Frequency13.56 MHz (worldwide)
Antenna Connector50 x 50 mm integrated loop antenna
Output Power200 mA
Read Rangeup to 70 mm
Supported ProtocolsISO15693 incl. all custom commands
Antenna Connector3V3 UART (115,200 Baud)
Operating Voltage5V DC
Power Consumptionidle: 15 mA, RF on: max. 120 mA
Temperature Range-20 °C to +70 °C
Dimensions50 x 50 mm / 2 x 2 inch

Documents and software

Product Brief PDF N/AN/A
metraTerm Terminal Tool (Windows) 1.7.428.61 MB
Metratec ISO15693 Protocol Guide 1.1771.49 KB