Personnel Safety with RTLS

Tracking in high-risk environments can save lives and reduces the reaction time of rescue workers

In sensitive work environments, such as laboratories, airports, the security area of an industrial plant, or a correctional facility, seamless tracking can make a decisive contribution to employee safety. Has a person been inactive for a long time or is he or she in the right place at a certain time? This information helps to recognize dangerous situations and to be able to provide help quickly in an emergency.

Metratec offers transmitter units (IPS Beacons) that have been specially developed for locating people and can transmit the wearer’s exact position to a corresponding receiver. Metratec beacons can also be equipped with sensors that can detect a fall or lack of movement and immediately trigger an alarm in an emergency. The position and previous movement history can be displayed on interactive maps in real-time or passed on to other software systems.

Advantages of RTLS for Personnel Safety

Fast Reaction Times

Immediate notifications of the exact location of a person leads to faster rescue operations and increases the likelihood of the success of security measures.

Lone-Worker Situations

Lone-workers can be quickly located and supported in an emergency, even if they are in remote or dangerous areas.

Improved Security

Real-time positioning can help improve compliance with safety protocols.

Localize / RTLS

Presence Detection (IPS)

Detection of objects and people in zones for cost-optimized localization

Ultrawideband (UWB)

Very accurate positioning to +-20cm for the highest demands

Angle of Arrival (AoA)

Combination of location accuracy and system costs with angle measurement