Evacuation Systems with RTLS

Secure alerting and information for emergency services in real-time

If an office building, shopping mall, hospital, or school needs to be evacuated, every second counts. Poor visibility, panic, or an unfamiliar environment quickly create confusing situations and increase the risk of injury and even death. But even at assembly points outside the danger zone, it’s difficult to tell if anyone is still in the building or perhaps wasn’t there at all.

With an evacuation system based on RTLS (Realtime Localization System) technology, the movements and positions of people inside a building can be tracked in real time. This can speed up the evacuation of a building and give rescue workers a quick overview of the situation in case of an emergency. Metratec’s location technology is exceptionally precise and thus also enables the development of systems that can issue individual warnings and instructions to people in different areas of a building. At the same time, the middleware can respond to external triggers like fire alarms and use this to limit visibility during normal times – allowing privacy to be protected when no danger is present.

Advantages of RTLS technology for evacuation systems

Effectiveness and Speed

Real-time location information helps authorities and emergency services find people faster and direct them to targeted collection points

Resource Optimization

Authorities can optimize the deployment of emergency responders and vehicles based on the actual locations and needs of evacuees.

Communication and Information

A clear picture of the situation improves communication, avoids confusion and improves cooperation between evacuees and emergency services.

Localize / RTLS

Presence Detection (IPS)

Detection of objects and people in zones for cost-optimized localization

Ultrawideband (UWB)

Very accurate positioning to +-20cm for the highest demands

Angle of Arrival (AoA)

Combination of location accuracy and system costs with angle measurement