Tracking of Rental Equipment

Efficiency gains through tracking of mobile tools and machines

With RTLS tracking, the exact location or availability of vehicles, expensive tools or mobile machinery on company premises, an airport or a depot can be determined in real-time. From rental cars, pallet trucks or forklifts to transport boxes or technical equipment – often such mobile devices are always parked in other locations and cannot be found when they are needed. One consequence can be that employees spend valuable time searching for them or that more equipment has to be kept on hand than necessary.

Metratec’s RTLS technology can be used to develop efficient, high-precision search systems that can pinpoint the location of each asset. By recording movement profiles, valuable data can also be generated to optimize the use and utilization of vehicles or tools.

This is done by tagging devices with a beacon that sends the position and a unique ID to a matching receiver, which is placed at central locations such as entrances, exits, or crossings.

Benefits of Metratec RTLS technologies for rental systems

Theft Prevention

Real-time tracking helps prevent theft and recover stolen devices.

Maintanance Planning

With information about the useful life, operating hours and condition of the equipment, downtime can be minimized and the service life of the equipment extended.

Higher Turnover

Optimized use of equipment can increase the number of rental days per object.

Localize / RTLS

Presence Detection (IPS)

Detection of objects and people in zones for cost-optimized localization

Ultrawideband (UWB)

Very accurate positioning to +-20cm for the highest demands

Angle of Arrival (AoA)

Combination of location accuracy and system costs with angle measurement