Asset Tracking in Hospitals

More safety for patients and efficiency in hospitals using RTLS

The maintenance and preparation of hospital beds can result in long waiting times, limiting the availability of free treatment places for patients in a ward. In the most extreme case, new patients cannot be admitted. Mobile equipment such as infusion pumps, ECGs, and the like are also always in hot demand and are stored on the wards, even though in most cases they are not even used continuously and could be shared with a neighboring ward. Due to the current behavior, scarce resources are wasted, as not enough information is available about the current positions and condition of the devices and beds at any given time.

Real-time locating technology can be used to accurately track the location of each bed as well as its occupancy and equipment. This results in substantial benefits in terms of safety and process optimization. For example, time can be saved by automating the documentation of cleaning tasks. Staff can thus be relieved and have more time to care for patients. Wards can share mobile devices and thus increase overall utilization and reduce equipment costs.

Benefits of Indoor Positioning Technology for Hospital Processes

Reduce Waiting Times

Faster turnaround for maintenance, higher availability and documentation of the cleaning process

Improve Patient Safety

Reduce confusion and verify assignment of medical equipment and supplies.

Automatic Asset Management

Accurately track inventory and status of medical devices, supplies and medications

Echtzeitortung / RTLS

Präsenzerkennung (IPS)

Erkennung von Objekten und Personen in Zonen für kostenoptimierte Lokalisierung

Ultrawideband (UWB)

Sehr genaue Positionsbestimmung 
auf +-20cm für höchste Ansprüche

Winkelmessung (AoA)

Kombination aus Ortungsgenauigkeit und Systemkosten mit Winkelmessung