Dwarf15 RFID HF SMD Module

  • Small Footprint
  • Short Time-to-Market
  • ISO 15693 compatible

Article No.

If you want to integrate RFID technology into existing devices to check consumables, find counterfeited spare parts in a machine or identify users, you sometimes don’t have the space on your PCB for a complete reader. Often you only have a few square inches of available space to place all the RFID functionality you need. For these cases, the Dwarf15 RFID Module is just the right product.

With a size of only 18 x 32mm, the module sets a new standard for RFID reader miniaturization. Despite its size, the module has a performance comparable to much bigger RFID readers. With the right antenna, you can even get a read range of 150 mm.

With these production-ready SMD modules, you get tested hardware and firmware in an extremely short time to market. If you need a different form factor or new features there is always the possibility for a customized module.


Operating PrincipleISO15693 HF Embedded RFID Module
Operating Frequency13.56 MHz (worldwide)
Antenna ConnectorU.FL, 50 Ohm
Output Power250mW
Read Rangeup to 150mm (with MidiPCB Loop Antenna)
Supported ProtocolsISO15693 (ICode, Tag-It, etc.)
Antenna Connector3V3 UART (115,200 Baud)
Operating Voltage5V DC
Power Consumptionidle: 10 mA, RF on: max. 100 mA
Inputs/Outputs8 x 3V3 Input/Output (configurable)
Temperature Range-20 °C to +70 °C
Dimensions32 x 18 x 5 mm