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DeskID MF USB Desktop-Reader/Writer

  • Design Housing
  • Power over USB
  • Reads and writes NFC type 2 tags
  • NRND (use DeskID NFC instead)

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The DeskID MF is an especially compact HF RFID reader and writer for office RFID applications with ISO14443 tags. Typical scenarios for using the DeskID MF are customer management applications (e.g. in the gym), and configuring of door access systems or customer cards based on the common protocols MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE Ultralight®.

The low profile, beautiful housing looks great on any desktop and enables every PC user to read and write RFID tags and cards that work according to the MIFARE protocol (as long as they are not protected by passwords). The reading range is approximately 50 to 70 mm. The device is connected to the computer via USB and is also USB powered.

Using the free Windows demo software that ships with the device, transponders can be scanned, written, read, and erased accordingly. Also included with the device are different programming libraries for Java, .NET, and Python, which you can use to write your own applications within a short period of time without prior knowledge of RFID. Using the easy-to-learn low-level ASCII protocol you can also connect the device to other systems, e.g. an embedded PC or even a PLC.


Operating PrincipleShort-Range USB Desktop Reader/Writer for Mifare RFID
Operating Frequency13.56 MHz (worldwide)
Supported ProtocolsMifare Classic, Mifare Ultralight
Output Powermax. 250 mW (24 dBm)
Read Rangeup to 7 cm
Antenna Connectorinternal antenna (Loop antenna)
Operating Voltage5V DC via USB (+/- 10%)
Power ConsumptionIdle: approx. 15 mA, RF active: 120 mA
Temperature Range-20 °C to +70 °C
Dimensions 66 x 96 x 15 mm
Certificationsconforms with CE, e.g. ETSI 300 330

Documents and software

Product Brief PDF N/AN/A
Metratec Mifare Protocol Guide 2.3483.75 KB