IPS+ UWB Receiver

  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Power via PoE or 24V
  • up to 40m range

Article No.
22002370 (IP54)
22002743 (IP65)

For applications with the highest accuracy demands, a real-time localization system based on ultra-wideband technology working in the 6-7 GHz range can be a good fit. This consists of mobile senders (UWB Beacons) and stationary receivers with known positions.

This UWB Receiver is the building block of a typical UWB system. Just install three or more devices in your building and start triangulating positions. The signal range is around 40m. With PoE, the device only needs a single Ethernet cable to get power and data. Besides the standard version in an IP42 indoor housing, there is also an IP65-rated version for dirty or wet environments.

The Receiver communicates with the corresponding UWB Beacons and measures the distance in mm. This raw data can either be processed directly or fed into our IoT- Engine Middleware where an XY position is calculated.


Operating PrincipleUltra-Wideband (UWB) RTLS Receiver
Operating Frequency6240-6740 MHz (Ranging) and 2400-2480 MHz (Configuration)
ChannelsIEEE 802.15.4 Channels 11 – 26 supported (configurable)
Antenna ConnectorIntegrated Chip Antenna
Connectivity10MBit Ethernet, ASCII Protocol
Operating Voltage24V DC or PoE (48V DC)
Ingress ProtectionIP42 or IP65
Dimensions110 x 110 x 32 mm (IP42 version)

Documents and software

Datasheet UWB Receiver 1.0152.17 KB
Firmware Update Tool 4 (Windows) 1.011.56 MB
MetraTerm 2 Terminal Program (Windows) 1.111.44 MB