UWB Receiver

  • Ethernet (incl. PoE)
  • up to 40m range

Article No.
22002370 (IP54)
22002743 (IP65)

For applications with the highest accuracy demands, a real-time localization system based on ultrawideband technology can be a good fit. This consists of mobile senders (UWB beacons) and stationary receivers.

This UWB receiver is the building block of a typical UWB system. Just install three or more devices in your building and start triangulating positions. The signal range is around 40m. With PoE, the device only needs a single Ethernet cable to get power and data. Besides the standard version in an IP42 indoor housing, there is also an IP65-rated outdoor version.

The Receiver communicates with the corresponding UWB beacons and measures the distance in mm. This raw data can either be processed directly or fed into our IoT-Engine Middleware where an XY position is calculated.


Operating PrincipleUltrawideband RTLS Receiver
Resonance Frequency6-7 GHz (Ranging), 2.4 GHz (Configuration)
Antenna ConnectorIntegrated Chip Antenna
Connectivity10MBit Ethernet, ASCII Protocol
Operating Voltage24V DC or PoE (48V DC)
Ingress ProtectionIP42 or IP65
Dimensions110 x 110 x 32 mm (IP42 version)

Documents and software

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