hfMux-8 RFID HF Multiplexer

  • Short Switching Time
  • PLC compatible 24V Inputs
  • Low System Costs

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The hfMux-8 is our 8-port RFID multiplexer for HF systems with an operating frequency of 13.56 MHz and a maximum power of 4 W. It allows connecting up to eight antennas to a single HF RFID reader. This reduces system complexity and setup costs in cases where many antennas are needed and also lowers hardware system costs as the number of readers needed decreases dramatically. The housing is suited for wall mounting and status LEDs show which antenna port is currently active. The device is powered using a standard 24V DC power supply.

The multiplexer works irrespective of the manufacturer of the readers and antennas used. Compatibility of the product with hardware from other manufacturers has been tested in our lab and in customer applications with various other reader brands.

The multiplexer is controlled with optically isolated 24V IOs. These can be controlled especially well with our QuasarMX HF ISO Reader, QuasarMF Mifare Reader, and many other 13.56 MHz RFID readers available on the market. Alternatively, standard industrial IOs as can be found in many automation environments can also be used to control the multiplexer directly from a process control system.


Operating Principle1 to 8 HF RFID Multiplexer
Operating Frequency13.56 MHz
Antenna ConnectorBNC
Insertion Loss0.45 dB
Operating Voltage24V DC
Switching Time4 μs typ.
Inputs/Outputs3 optically isolated 24V DC inputs
Temperature Range-40° C to +85° C
Dimensions190 x 104 x 39 mm / 7.5 x 4 x 1.6 inch

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