RFID Kanban Box

  • Electronic Kanban
  • Motorized Slot
  • Ethernet Connectivity

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The use of the Kanban system of supply chain management and optimization is widespread in manufacturing supply chain settings. Examples are the restocking of assembly line stock in a just-in-time production facility or cases in which suppliers automatically restock components on a daily basis. In all of these cases, plastic or paper cards are taken from load devices and inserted into mailboxes or collection boards. The only disadvantage of such systems is that they are currently not well connected to the digital infrastructure of the company such as the warehouse management systems. This is where the RFID Kanban Box can help. This box – which is made from solid bamboo and whose size can be adjusted to the size of your Kanban cards – contains a complete RFID system.

It is simply connected to a power supply and Ethernet network. Using appropriate software the employees responsible for restocking can now see from any location and at any time where there is a need for restocking and what is needed. Assuming the system is configured correctly even outside suppliers can see through the internet what needs restocking (e.g. in case of restocking is done by the suppliers directly). Besides using a small and simple dedicated Kanban software a direct link to existing Kanban software systems is also possible. If needed, the Kanban Box can even be connected to your ERP system using software supplied by one of our partners.