Fingerzeig Visualization


IEEE802.15.4 based angle of arrival tracking and sercurity

In the Fingerzeig project, the widespread technology according to IEEE802.15.4 is to be extended to include the previously unavailable determination of the angle of arrival of incoming radio signals (AoA – angle-of-arrival), as already exists for other technologies. In this way, a rough localization is already made possible for the individual receiver, since in addition to a distance, the direction in which the transmitter is located can also be determined – as a kind of finger pointer. This improves the performance of the localization and at the same time simplifies the design of the system.

The required use of multiple antennas also expands the possibilities for PLS (physical layer security). Therefore, new PLS concepts will also be integrated as part of a joint platform development to create further options for securing radio transmission.

In the Fingerzeig project, an IEEE802.15.4-compatible system is to be developed that has several novel performance features and opens up further fields of application for this technology.

The project is a cooperation between Metratec and the TU Dresden, Chair of Communications Engineering, and is funded by a ZIM/AiF program.

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