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FAST Athletics

FAST Athletics

In the FAST Athletics project, new methods and technologies for near real-time communication in energy-saving sensor networks are to be researched. The core is synchronous communication over ranges of up to 100m between several base stations and nodes. The following technical goals and solutions are in the foreground:

New radio nodes synchronously measure relative distances in the swarm and, as pacemakers, inform the athlete in real time.

A demand-driven real-time capability resolves the conflict of objectives between low latency and minimum power consumption in the highly synchronous network (1 ms).
Code division technologies improve the availability of low latency times in data transfer (< 10 ms).

Feedback on the athlete’s cyclic movements is time-sensitive and must be provided with a constant latency.

At the measuring station, multi-sensor systems positioned close to the body are combined with sports-physiological measuring devices in order to analyze cyclic body movements in a new way.

As an area of application, solutions in various sports are implemented together with the other project partners (Fraunhofer IFF, University of Magdeburg, Technical University Dresden, Kinexon).