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On this page you find all our files like datasheets, documentation or software that are necessary to use our products.


Antenna Integration Guide1.2100 kB
Datasheet Beacon B1.3580 kB
Datasheet Beacon L1.3580 kB
Datasheet Beacon R1.1642 kB
Datasheet Beacon S1.3580 kB
Datasheet DMI15 HF RFID Reader1.01.84 MB
Datasheet DeskID HF1.1529 kB
Datasheet DeskID MF1.2529 kB
Datasheet DeskID UHF1.3540 kB
Datasheet Dwarf141.5819 kB
Datasheet Dwarf151.5815 kB
Datasheet DwarfG2 UHF Module1.2807 kB
Datasheet DwarfG2 XR UHF Module1.1851 kB
Datasheet DwarfG2-Mini UHF Module1.1770 kB
Datasheet Echo-5P UHF Antenna2.1548 kB
Datasheet Echo-6P UHF Antenna1.1652 kB
Datasheet Echo-8P UHF Antenna1.2526 kB
Datasheet Echo-N UHF Nearfield Antenna1.1559 kB
Datasheet Embedded Starter Kits1.2762 kB
Datasheet HF PCB-Antennen2.2662 kB
Datasheet IPS Receiver1.2667 kB
Datasheet Lambda40 Antenna1.1621 kB
Datasheet PulsarMX1.3703 kB
Datasheet QR141.3836 kB
Datasheet QR151.2959 kB
Datasheet QuasarLR1.1629 kB
Datasheet QuasarMF1.3609 kB
Datasheet QuasarMR11.1631 kB
Datasheet QuasarMX1.3607 kB
Datasheet TUC TCP-to-UART Converter1.3741 kB
Datasheet UHF Field Analyzer Kit1.1596 kB
Datasheet UHF-Gate2.2578 kB
Datasheet UHF-Tunnel1.3627 kB
Datasheet UM141.3688 kB
Datasheet UM151.1708 kB
Datasheet UMG21.1746 kB
Datasheet hfMux-162.1621 kB
Datasheet hfMux-42.2658 kB
Datasheet hfMux-82.2615 kB
Datasheet hyperMux-161.1678 kB
Datasheet hyperMux-42.1589 kB
Documentation DMI15 HF RFID Reader1.0327 kB
Documentation Dwarf14 SMD Module1.4319 kB
Documentation Dwarf15 SMD Module1.7181 kB
Documentation DwarfG2 UHF OEM Module1.3276 kB
Documentation DwarfG2 XR UHF OEM Module1.4296 kB
Documentation DwarfG2-Mini UHF OEM Module1.4218 kB
Documentation Echo-5P/Echo-8P UHF Patch-Antennas1.4422 kB
Documentation HF Multiplexer (all versions)2.5218 kB
Documentation IPS Receiver1.5235 kB
Documentation PulsarMX1.2253 kB
Documentation QR14 Modul1.5521 kB
Documentation QR14 Module1.5521 kB
Documentation QR15 Module1.9571 kB
Documentation QuasarLR1.5210 kB
Documentation QuasarMR12.3215 kB
Documentation QuasarMX1.5210 kB
Documentation TUC Evaluation Board1.3380 kB
Documentation UHF Field Analyzer1.2321 kB
Documentation UM14 Modul1.5224 kB
Documentation hyperMux UHF Multiplexer (4, 8 and 16 Port)1.5199 kB
Hardware Integration Guide TUC2.3526 kB
Protocol description for QuasarMR11.1440 kB
metraTec ISO15693_V2 Family Protocol Guide 1.1790 kB
metraTec MIFARE® Protocol Guide2.3495 kB
metraTec MPS-Beacon Protocol Guide1.0180 kB
metraTec MPS-Master Protocol Guide1.1257 kB
metraTec QuasarLR Protocol Guide 1.1853 kB
metraTec UHF Protocol Guide2.8965 kB


Firmware DMI15 HF RFID Reader1.246.8 kB
Firmware DeskID ISO 156933.1245.6 kB
Firmware DeskID MF2.1481.6 kB
Firmware DeskID UHF3.1586.2 kB
Firmware Dwarf142.1476.4 kB
Firmware Dwarf153.1248.2 kB
Firmware DwarfG2 (UHF)3.1890.5 kB
Firmware DwarfG2 XR3.1591.1 kB
Firmware PulsarMX UHF Reader3.1490.4 kB
Firmware QR142.1475.8 kB
Firmware QR151.247 kB
Firmware QuasarLR HF Reader3.1040.6 kB
Firmware QuasarMF HF Reader2.1475.4 kB
Firmware QuasarMX HF Reader3.1248.2 kB
Firmware TUC2.17395 kB


.NET DLL for integration of metraTec ISO 15693 products into MS Visual Studio2.2.01.61 MB
.NET DLL for integration of metraTec UHF products into MS Visual Studio2.11.42 MB
Eagle Component Library for all metraTec OEM modules-20.4 kB
Java SDK for all metraTec RFID Reader3.5.134.11 MB
ReaderControl Demo-Software (for ISO 15693 Reader)2.6242 kB
ReaderControl MF Demo-Software (for metraTec Readers using MIFARE Technologie)3.114.6 kB
ReaderControl UHF Demo-Software (for all metraTec UHF Reader)1.10144 kB
Software for UHF Field Analyzer1.21.22 MB
TUC Configuration Manager3.466.2 MB
metraTec Firmware Update Tool3.8.140.9 MB
metraTec USB Driver (Windows XP and Windows 7)2.8.302.16 MB
metraTerm Terminal Program1.7.430 MB