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Personnel Safety

When locating people in buildings, many people immediately think of surveillance. But surveillance doesn't always have to be negative - as often it depends on the context. In some professions, permanent monitoring of the position in conjunction with other sensor data, especially motion alarms, is the best life insurance for your employee.

Examples for this are workplaces in the security sector - in museums, in large building complexes such as airports or prisons. Here, it may be desirable to constantly check whether an employee is still moving and where he should be according to the schedule. But also in other workplaces - e.g. in chemical plants, mines, and oil rigs - permanent monitoring is desired to be able to send efficient help in an emergency.

With the Indoor Positioning System (IPS) from metraTec, complete tracking of the personnel can be realized and thus the work safety can be increased considerably. Modified versions of the IPS Beacon can, for example, be equipped with motion sensors that immediately trigger an alarm if something suspicious happens. In addition to the alarm, the position of the person being monitored is also transmitted to the operations center so that the help can reach the scene quickly and directly.