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Container Tracking

Despite a lot of automation technology being used in the manufacturing industry there still will be enough skeleton containers and other kinds of boxes to transport goods from one place to another in the next years. Between machines, in in-house logistics as well as quality control processes - everywhere manual boxes are moved by people. With increasing company size this leads to a growing problem: How do you keep track of everything? How do you ensure traceability along the production process? How do you increase the efficiency of your workforce? Many of these challenges can be addressed with the clever use of RFID technology.

One possibility is tracking the containers with RFID. Here RFID readers are installed at central points, e.g. at each processing station or on storage shelves. If a container is placed there, it is automatically recognized and the position is noted in a software. Also, the current processor can be recorded if required (e.g. via access control of the machine).

Depending on the traceability requirements, not only the container but also the product can be provided directly with an RFID transponder. In this scenario, a complete product creation history is created during production, which is stored directly on the product (and for security in a database). Even after years, it is still possible to trace who, when and which production steps were carried out that led to the creation of the product.