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Bulk Identification

At many points in the supply chain, the goods are already packed and can no longer be seen directly without opening the packaging again. This includes new goods in a cardboard box, palletized goods in plastic film or dirty laundry in a bag. In any case you want to find out the number and type of objects without scanning each item manually with a barcode reader. RFID is ideally suited for such applications.

With a suitable product, such as a RFID tunnel or RFID gate, hundreds of objects can be fully identified in a very short time without line of sight. The goods are simply pushed through the tunnel and the transponders are immediately detected by the system. It does not matter whether the transponders are evenly aligned or distributed completely chaotically in the container. Even small quantities of metal or liquids are no problem if the reader is adapted to them.

The metraTec RFID tunnels are available as stand-alone devices as well as attachments for existing conveyor belts. If required, the products can also be equipped with additional functions such as automatic conveyor belts, pneumatic sliders or separation systems.