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DwarfG2 Starter Kit

RFID technology offers OEM manufacturers a variety of useful and innovative additional features for their products: Verification of consumables, automatic user identification, access control, certification of product authenticity and much more. These and many other applications can be realized easily with the RFID modules offered by metraTec. To give you an effortless start into this exciting new technology we offer a variety of Embedded Starter Kits - one for each module type.

The DwarfG2 Embedded RFID Starter Kit contains the following components:

  • DwarfG2 RFID Plug-In Module (UHF)
  • UDB-Mini Evaluation Board
  • Echo-3 OEM UHF Antenna
  • RFID Labels
  • Documentation, Demo Software, Drivers
  • Free Eagle Library with Footprint for quick integration
  • Quick Integration
  • Eagle Library
  • Everything included
Datasheet DwarfG2 XR UHF Module1.1851 kB
Datasheet DwarfG2-Mini UHF Module1.1770 kB
Datasheet Embedded Starter Kits1.2762 kB
Documentation DwarfG2 UHF OEM Module1.2263 kB
Documentation DwarfG2 XR UHF OEM Module1.4296 kB
Documentation DwarfG2-Mini UHF OEM Module1.4218 kB
Eagle Bauteil-Bibliothek für metraTec OEM Module2.010 kB
Eagle Component Library for all metraTec OEM modules2.010 kB
Firmware DwarfG2 XR3.1591.1 kB
ReaderControl UHF Demo-Software (for all metraTec UHF Reader)1.10.00144 kB
metraTec Firmware Update Tool3.7.13.91 MB
metraTec UHF Protocol Guide2.9992 kB
metraTerm Terminal Programm1.72.14 MB