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QuasarMF Reader

The QuasarMF is an industrial RFID Reader for transponders which communicate using the ISO14443A and the MIFARE® protocols MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE Ultralight®. It is one of a few readers using MIFARE technology that have a single-ended antenna output which allows to use any HF RFID antenna instead of specially designed MIFARE antennas. This makes it even possible to connect the reader to a multiplexer and read tags from several antennas sequentially.

The communication options include USB as well as Ethernet. To facilitate its integration into machines and to allow ease of control via PLCs the device offers optically isolated 24 V IOs.

Integration into IT systems based on Windows is supported by a free demo software with a comprehensive set of features that allows easy testing of the device.

  • Ethernet-Interface
  • 24V IOs
Antenna Integration Guide1.2100 kB
Datasheet QuasarMF1.3609 kB
Documentation QuasarLR1.5210 kB
Firmware QuasarMF HF Reader2.1475.4 kB
Java SDK for all metraTec RFID Reader3.5.123.29 MB
ReaderControl MF Demo-Software (for metraTec Readers using MIFARE Technologie)3.114.6 kB
metraTec Firmware Update Tool3.7.13.91 MB
metraTec MiFare Protocol Guide2.3495 kB
metraTec USB Driver (Windows XP and Windows 7)2.8.302.16 MB
metraTerm Terminal Programm1.72.14 MB