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hyperMux-4 UHF Multiplexer

Beside our multiplexers of the HF series there is the hyperMux-4 for the UHF frequency range (868/915 MHz). The device uses 24V optically isolated IOs which are used by most PLCs as well as many UHF readers to control digital inputs and outputs. This makes the integration of the multiplexer into industrial applications even easier. To give the user enough feedback during installation of the product it has four LEDs to indicate the antenna port currently active. The multiplexer is available in a wall-mountable aluminium housing with an optional DIN-rail mount.

The compatibility of the multiplexer has been tested with a large number of UHF readers from different manufacturers. If you are interested in the result for your reader, just ask our support team.

The advantages of the multiplexer are the same as with its HF counterparts: Easy installation, reduced costs and small space requirements. Since most UHF readers already have four antenna ports there is only a version with 4 ports. This way up to 16 antennas can be connected to a single UHF reader.

A specialty of the hyperMux is its extended frequency range which enables it not only to be used in UHF systems worldwide but even switch signals at 2,4 GHz. As of today it is already compatible with future RFID systems working at higher frequencies making it truely future proof.

  • Short Switching Time
  • Robust Housing
  • Low System Costs
Datasheet hyperMux-42.1589 kB
Documentation hyperMux UHF Multiplexer (4, 8 and 16 Port)1.5199 kB