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HF and UHF 3D tunnel

The HF and UHF 3D tunnel is always a good choice if a mixed population of HF and UHF transponders is in circulation or if a seamless transition to another technology is planned. This tunnel combines the design features of our HF and UHF tunnels. It detects transponders in all orientations reliably and at high speed. The HF and UHF systems operate independently of each other and each achieves the full performance of a solution for only one frequency.

Both the HF and the UHF reading field are strongly concentrated inside the tunnel. This leads to very high detection reliability in the tunnel, but at the same time prevents unwanted detection of transponders in adjacent installations. Optionally, the combination tunnel can be equipped with Field Decay sections at input and / or output. These completely prevent the reading of transponders outside the tunnel and, in conjunction with photoelectric sensors, enable the precise allocation of not only HF but also UHF transponders.

  • Read HF and UHF tags simultaneously
  • Read HF and UHF tags in any orientation
  • flexible dimensions
  • greatly reduced reading of transponders outside
  • Container identification