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Wireless Identification

RFID technology is used for the unique contactless identification of persons or objects via radio. Especially the possibility of reading the RFID chips from a distance is an enormous advantage over alternative identification systems. RFID systems are widely used today for various applications.

Our range of RFID devices covers the entire chain of RFID hardware - readers, multiplexers and antennas - and thus forms the link between transponder and software. Most of our products are available both as end devices, which are primarily used in production and logistics, and as OEM modules, which are usually integrated into other devices. More information about the respective products can be found on the product page. Besides single components we also offer complete solutions for individual industries. For this purpose, we work together with partners on the integration and software side as required in order to offer complete industry solutions. In addition, customer-specific developments are made if the existing technology does not meet our requirements or those of our customers.

Passive RFID

The great advantage of passive RFID technologies is that the transponder does not require a battery. The transponder is powered by the electromagnetic field emitted by the reader. Accordingly, passive RFID technology offers the possibility of designing transponders very small and cost-effective.

Currently, communication standards at 13.56MHz (HF RFID) and 868MHz (UHF RFID) are mainly used.

Active RFID

The transponders in active systems have their own battery. This enables long ranges of up to hundreds of metres. The reliability and security of communication also increases, as more complex protocols can be used. In addition to pure identification, locating and sensor functions can be integrated, as in the metraTec Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS). In active metraTec systems mainly nodes with transmission frequencies at 2.4 GHz or ultra wide band positioning systems at 6 GHz are used.

All standards have advantages and disadvantages in comparison. Let us help you choose the right technology for your project