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IPS Beacon L

One of the main technical advantages of the metraTec Indoor Positioning System (IPS) is the very low power consumption of the system. Thanks to the newest RF chip technology and our own firmware stack the Beacon L runs between 5 to 8 years with a single set of batteries. This means that after installing the system you will have very low maintenance and can almost forget the system is there unless you need to localize something.

Depending on the infrastructure type (more information here) you can either use the Beacon L as a stationary sender mounted to the wall or mount them on high value devices and assets (lab devices, forklifters, etc.) that move around a network of IPS Receivers.

The IPS Beacons automatically send out their configurable ID which can be processed by any IPS Receiver in the surrounding area and forwarded to a software. The range between beacon and receiver can be between a few meters and up to 60m, depending on the configuration. For tracking persons, a smaller version of the IPS Beacon (Beacon S) is the right choice.

  • 5-8 years battery life
  • wall mountable
Datasheet Beacon L1.3580 kB