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FAST Athletics

The sports of canoeing/rowing and cross-country skiing are characterized by a repetitive, synchronized body movement of the athlete as well as the use of aids for movement in the form of paddles or ski poles. Coordinative movements have to be trained under time pressure and with high precision. With regard to the coordination characteristics, it is a matter of training generalized motor programs with a high time pressure component.

New types of radio nodes synchronously measure relative distances in the swarm and, as pacemakers, inform the athlete in real time. A demand-controlled real-time capability solves the conflict of objectives between low latency and minimal power consumption in a highly synchronous network (1 ms). Code division technologies improve the availability of low latency in data transfer (< 10 ms). Feedback information on cyclical movements of the athlete is time-critical and must be provided with a constant latency. At the measuring station, multi-sensor systems positioned close to the body are combined with sports physiological measuring devices in order to analyze cyclical body movements in a new way.