Download Area Firmware

While we try our best, even our firmware is not always without problems and includes all required features. Therefore, sometimes a firmware update is needed to correct bugs and add new functionality. In this area you find all the current firmware files to bring your metraTec device up to date. Please use the free Firmware Update Tool to flash the new firmware to you device. This can be downloaded in our "software" area.

Firmware QR15 3.6 ZIP (METJ) 30 KB
Firmware QR14 2.14 ZIP (METJ) 76 KB
Firmware DeskID ISO 15693 3.7 ZIP (METJ) 31 KB
Firmware DeskID MF (MIFARE) 2.14 ZIP (METJ) 82 KB
Firmware DeskID UHF 3.15 ZIP (METJ) 86 KB
Firmware Dwarf15 3.7 ZIP (METJ) 33 KB
Firmware Dwarf14 2.14 ZIP (METJ) 76 KB
Firmware DwarfG2 (UHF) 3.15 ZIP (METJ) 91 KB
Firmware DwarfG2 XR (UHF) 3.15 ZIP (METJ) 91 KB
Firmware QuasarMX 3.7 ZIP (METJ) 32 KB
Firmware QuasarMF (MIFARE) 2.14 ZIP (METJ) 72 KB
Firmware PulsarMX 3.15 ZIP (METJ) 91 KB
Firmware TUC 2.11 ZIP (METJ) 379 KB