Wireless Power Evaluation Kit "AirPower"

With the AirPower Evaluation Kit you get a set of components to try our new wireless power technology without designing your own antenna and other circuits.

The set includes an AirPower Generator which generates the necessary RF field which is then converted to normal DC power on the receiver side. Depending on the distance (between 5 and 50mm) you currently get between 500mW and 2,5W of power at 5V. With bigger antennas even up to 10W power transfer of this distance is no problem. The generator detects if a receiver is around and automatically goes to stand-by mode if this is not the case. The overall efficiency of the system is between 25% and 75%.

Potential applications for the technology are charging batteries in closed housing, e.g. in the medical industry or in explosive atmospheres. Other ideas are to transfer energy to sensors on moving parts.

  • Experience our AirPower Technology
  • Output: 5V
  • 0.5 - 2.5W