Product Segment "Wireless Power"

Devices with integrated electronics usually need their own mobile power supply in the form of rechargeable batteries. Depending on the power consumption of the device, these have to be recharged on a very regular basis. But not always a simple power connector is acceptable. External connectors can be a problem, especially in the medical field where they can be hard to clean or in industrial settings where open connectors mean a potential source for gas explosions.

A solution can be a wireless power transfer directly through the closed housing. What is already know for consumer devices (but with very limited range) is now available in an industrial version - metraTec AirPower.

With out technology you can transfer up to 10W over a distance of up to 100mm. Our evaluation kit contains a complete wireless power generator as well as a receiver which allows a transfer of up to 2,5W and a distance of 50mm.