IPS Ethernet Receiver

The metraTec Indoor Positioning System (IPS) allows you to create a flexible localization infrastructure to track objects and persons inside buildings where cost and complexity can be adjusted to your needs. If you chose to install a stationary localization system the IPS Receivers will be the central component in your infrastructure.

The device is mounted at all relevant places in your building where your mobile objects or persons should be localized. The boxes scan the area for signals from our IPS Beacons and send this information to a central software via standard Ethernet. This data includes the ID of the beacon as well as the signal strength (RSSI) to give you an idea how far the beacon is away from the receiver station. Since the communication protocol used is completely open the server software can be our IPS Engine Software Suite but also your own software/middleware.

Besides the standard version of the receiver with 24 VDC supply there is also an option with Power over Ethernet which will minize your installation time and effort.

  • Ethernet Interface
  • PoE optional

    Further Downloads

    Datasheet IPS Receiver 1.2 PDF 667 KB