Product Segment "Localization" (Indoor-Positioning-System)

Localizing vehicles, containers or even persons via GPS is a well known technology that makes many areas of every day life much easier. One limitation of GPS is that it only works outside buildings where the signals of the different satellites are not blocked. If you want to localize a person or object inside a building a different technology is needed.

One flexible approach is the use of local RF cells as being used by the metraTec Indoor Positioning System (IPS). An alternative name you will sometimes find in this context is RTLS (Real Time Locating Systems). Here you install a system consisting of beacons (active transponders) and receivers in the building that works like a private satellite navigation system which you can use to calculate your position (eg. done by our IPS Engine software).

A special feature of the metraTec IPS is that you do not have to equip your entire building with the system - you can limit it to the important areas where you acutally need the tracking ability. This reduces the overall costs and improves privacy in all the other areas.

Depending on the application, one of the two following system setups is used:



System Type 1 - Cableless

The beacons mounted on the wall work more than 5 years on a single pair of batteries and send their location ID in configurable intervals. The mobile receiver decodes these signals and sends it to a server (automatically or on request) via GSM or saves the data internally for later download via USB. The receiver has to be recharged after 12-­72 hours depending on the exact usage configuration.

System Type 2 - Low Maintenance

The receivers mounted on the wall are connected to a server via normal Ethernet. The power supply can be realized via a standard 24V PSU or PoE. The mobile beacons send their ID into the room where every receiver station can receive it. The battery lifetime of the beacons reaches up to 5 years at normal use. This allows a setup where beacons are mounted to devices for tracking with extremely low maintenance requirements.