TagRadar UHF Scanning System

The TagRadar UHF Scanning System is a new UHF RFID Reader system which not only detects transponders but also determins the angle of their answer - thus locating the tags relative to the antenna. This allows you to roughly locate the position of the tag as well as determin whether the tag is moving or not. If it is moving you can also detect the direction of this movement.

The patent pending TagRadar thus solves mayn problems you find with normal UHF RFID gates:Detect if a clothing item is moving towards the exit of a retail store or is hanging in the shelve next to it. Say if a box is still in the commissioning area near the dock door or already in the truck. Scan whether an employees enters or exists the room....

The system consist of a receiver device with integrated filter algorithms and two or four external activator antennas. This allows to read standard UHF EPC Gen 2 Transponders relatively independent from their orientation and with up to 5 m range. Up to 100 tags can be detected at the same time. All the data is processed by the embedded PC in the receiver unit, which has an ethernet connection to communicate with any RFID middleware or POS software.

Optionally, there is a version of the device with integrated people counter (3D camera) for retail applications. Here we work with one of the leading shop metric companies, Vitracom AG.

  • Read UHF Tags
  • Determine relative Angle
  • Define Read Zones
  • Installation of TagRadar at shop exit


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