RFID Systems

Besides single components metraTec also offers entire RFID solutions, which integrate reader, antenna and other necessary parts into a single system. These products usually only have to be connected to a PC and are ready for operation. In most cases even the software which is necessary to control the product comes with the system...

TagRadar UHF Scanner
With the TagRadar you can not only read UHF RFID tags but determin the direction of their answer - which gives you defined read zones at the dock door and as an EAS device.
UHF Field Analyzer Kit
With our UHF Field Analyzer Kit you can directly measure the field strength of 868 MHz fields in V/m, store the data on a PC and show it locally with LEDs
T50 HF 3D Tunnel
An RFID tunnel to scan HF transponders in all dimensions, which can be build as a stand-alone device as well as integrated into a conveyor belt
Family of RFID tunnels to rapidly scan UHF transponders in difficult conditions, available as a stand-alone device or integrated into a conveyor belt
UHF RFID Gate for persons and objects with our special RF metall construction that allows the gate to work properly even in the most difficult situations, e.g. with metall parts, huge amounts of simultaneous tags or applications with high water content.
RFID Kanban Box
RFID Box for automatic scanning of kanban cards