QuasarMX HF Industrial Reader/Writer

The QuasarMX is an HF RFID reader/writer for demanding industrial applications, where high reading reliability, speed and extensive special tag features are needed. Highlights include a reading rate of up to 100 tag-IDs/sec and reading and writing data on tags without needing to address them individually. This allows applications directly at conveyor belts, in production machinery and in electric control cabinets. To facilitate its integration into machines and to allow ease of control via PLCs the device offers optically isolated 24 V IOs.

Integration into IT systems based on Windows is supported by a DLL which comes with the device free of charge. A demo software with a comprehensive set of features allows easy testing of the device.

  • High Reading-/Writing Speed
  • 24V IOs
  • Ethernet Interface

    Further Downloads

    Datasheet QuasarMX 1.3 PDF 607 KB
    Documentation QuasarMX 1.5 PDF 210 KB
    Firmware QuasarMX 3.7 ZIP (METJ) 32 KB