PulsarMX UHF Mid Range Reader

The PulsarMX is a UHF Mid Range Reader for applications with a medium read range between 2 and 5 m and up to 100 transponders simultaneously in the field. Its main applications are in container tracking, reading data from sensor tags (e.g. temperature sensors) as well as on a conveyor belt. Due to its low cost the device opens new possibilities for applications which where not feasable before.

With its compact dimensions of only 130 x 106 x 55 mm and alomost no heat build-up the reader can be integrated into closed cabinets and other machinery. The device communicates using USB or Ethernet. With the optically isolated Inputs and 24VDC outputs you can connect light barriers, LED lights and other equipment directly to the reader. Other interfaces like RS485 or WiFi are available on request.

For an easy and fast integration of the product into your IT system there is a free .NET DLL and a Windows Demo Software to test the device. For programming on all operating systems there is also a free Java SDK.

  • Best Cost/Performance
  • Compact Housing
  • 24V IOs

    Further Downloads

    Datasheet PulsarMX 1.3 PDF 703 KB
    Documentation PulsarMX 1.2 PDF 253 KB
    Firmware PulsarMX 3.15 ZIP (METJ) 91 KB