Product Overview RFID Readers/Writers

The central component of every RFID system is the reader/writer which makes the communication between the transponder and your software possible. The device differ from each other in the respective frequency used as well as their communication protocol. Also most devices are available in different form factors and with various communication interfaces, like USB or Ethernet. metraTec's broad product range offers the right product for most applications.

Our goal when developing a new product is always to give you the optimal reader for the right price which is easy to integrate by our system integration partners as well as directly by end users.


ISO 15693 - HF Readers (13.56 MHz)

QuasarMX Industrial HF Reader/Writer
An industrial short range RFID reader for 13.56 MHz with PLC compatible inputs/outputs and a fast read/write rate
QuasarMR1 Mid Range Reader
ISO15693 RFID Mid Range Reader with a read range of up to 40 cm
QuasarLR Long Range Reader
ISO15693 RFID Long Range Reader with a read range of up to 60 cm
HF Reader with USB interface for use on the desktop or other office environment. Reads transponder according to ISO 15693 Protocol as well as custom commands (e.g. KSW VarioSense).

MIFARE - HF Readers (13.56 MHz)

The MIFARE® Protocol is mainly used in applications that require a higher security, e.g. cashless payment, access control or ticketing.

QuasarMF Reader
The only RFID Reader using MIFARE® technology in the world with Ethernet connection and optically isolated Inputs/Outputs to control a multiplexer or other industrial equipment. Reads transponders using MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Plus® protocols
Reader with USB interface for use on the desktop or other office environment. Reads transponders according to the MIFARE® protocol (MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Plus®)

UHF Readers (868 MHz)

If you need a high read range but cannot use active systems the most common solution is to switch to UHF RFID. Most readers working at this frequency are quite expensive, but allow for high read ranges. If these systems are too much for your budget, the UHF readers from metraTec offer cost effective alternatives.

PulsarMX UHF Mid Range Reader
The PulsarMX UHF Mid Range Rader is a compact and cost-effective UHF RFID Reader for a medium read range of up to 5 m
RFID UHF Reader with USB interface for use on a desktop or other office environment. Reads tags according to the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 Standard at 868 MHz (ETSI, EU).

MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE Ultralight®, and MIFARE Plus® are registered Trademarks of NXP B. V. and are used under license.