DwarfZ Wireless Data Modem

The DwarfZ is a wireless data modem in the shape of an SMD module which can be used to build wireless data networks in a very short time without any configuration. The firmware allows either a completely transparent 1 to 1 communication ("Wireless UART") or a 1 to N communication with addresses ("Wireless Modbus"). The module supports all modern data network features, such as building a mesh with dynamic routes which allows communication between modules even if they have no direct connection.

The module works at 2.4 GHz according to the worldwide IEEE 802.15.4 standard. With the internal antenna a range of up to 60m is possible (line of sight). A stronger version with up to 300m range is also available as DwarfZ XR (XR = extended range). The module also has an analog input to convert sensor data (e.g. temperature, battery level or other data) and send them out via the mesh, thus creating a wireless sensor network.

  • Small footprint
  • Easy integration
  • 1-1 or 1-N Mesh

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