Product Segment "Communication"

Wireless Communication and M2M Solutions

Sometimes you need a little more range to transfer your data and maybe even several devices shall share data between each other. If this solution has to be low-power and robust there are not many alternatives to chose from. While Bluetooth and Wifi are very popular in the consumer world, both technologies are pretty energy hungry and are easily disturbed. A good alternative are tranceivers based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. These also work at 2.4 GHz but are especially designed for smaller data volumes but higher reliability and more power efficiency.

Based on this technology metraTec offers a series of wireless modules for machine to machine communication that can be configured with different versions of our metraZed firmware. At the moment three configuration types are available:

Version 1 ("Wireless UART") creates a point to point connection between two nodes. This can be any combination of Dwarfz, Ethernet-Gateway or USB stick with metraZed firmware. After the two devices are paired, you get a bidirectional connection that is completely transparent on the serial side of the devices with a range of up to 60m.

Version 2 ("Wireless Modbus") creates a communication network between up to 255 nodes where one device is the master and the other 254 are the slave devices. Each slave device has his own address which is used by the master to route the data traffic. This header is removed by the slaves so there is only the real data on the serial output just like in a Modbus network.

In version 3 ("Wireless Mesh") the nodes create a complete mesh network where every device can talk to any other device. Each node has a 4 Byte ID and the different nodes re-route traffic for other devices in range. This allows you to send data to any node in the network, even without a direct RF connection as long as there is some way through the network to your target device.


Cable-based Communication

If you need a higher data rate which are currently only offered by Ethernet but only have a small microcontroller, our TCP to Uart Converter (TUC) is a great way to equip your project with Ethernet connectivity without worrying about high-speed communications, the Ethernet stack and MAC addresses.